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Auction Rules & Arbitration Policies

CNY Auto Auction follows the NAAA Arbitration policy.  Click to learn more.

Also available for download are:
CNY’s Auction Rules and Arbitration Policy
CNY’s Light/Announcement Overview

Buying Policies

Any information placed on the vehicle or Seller’s invoice, such as mileage, year, make, model, etc. is for convenience and reference purposes only and is not a representation, warranty, or condition of the sale.  The buyer should satisfy themselves as to mileage, year, make, model, and equipment, by viewing the actual vehicle prior to bidding.  The auction will not arbitrate vehicles based on incorrect information written on a vehicle.  The consignor is responsible for the accuracy of the information displayed on either the vehicle or Seller’s invoice.  The consignor is also responsible for labeling the vehicle with the proper dealership name when it is dropped off for registration.

The auction does not guarantee information listed in Electronic Data Vehicle Histories (i.e. Carfax, AutoCheck, etc.) and will not accept any arbitration solely on EDVH data.


  • CNY Auto Auction
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