Vehicles Left on Property


Vehicles and/or personal property left on the property are done so “at your own risk”.  The Auction assumes no responsibility for radios, faceplates, car phones, CD players, NAV devices, snowplow controls, and damage to vehicles, etc. Vehicles not running through current sale may not be left on the lot for more then 10 days.  Any vehicle left past this time period will be charged a $50 a day storage fee.  Any vehicle left on the premises for more than 30 days is subject to becoming property of CNY Auto Auction and being removed from the property permanently.

All vehicles are subject to inspection by law enforcement agencies.

Do not take keys from vehicles being left on the lot.  We may need to move them for lot maintenance, plowing, sale day preparation, etc.  In the event that keys are removed from the vehicle, it will be towed to a different location and CNY Auto Auction will assume no responsibility for damage.